Welcome to your Dashboard where you can access all of the Study materials needed to Pass your Postal Exam. Use the links above to navigate the dashboard.

Start with the Study Guide and complete while reviewing the Postal Forms as necessary. Complete the Study Guide Exams on Paper and review diligently by referring back to the study guide for corrections. When ready move on to the Timed Exams. REMEMBER you can complete the exams as much as you desire.

Always keep in mind you goal is to score at least 90% on each exam. To review your exam scores click the My Quizzes link for a summary of each exam. USE the Memory Tips link to help with memory techniques- it works -- so read and put in to practice.

If there are any questions or if there is an issue with the dashboard please email us right away. dashboardsupport@postaljobsexam.com

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Refund Procedure
To receive your refund, provide the following 3 items:
  • Completed Refund Request Form (link below)
  • Copy of the Official USPS letter or email containing your score
  • Copy of the your Bank or Card Statement, showing this charge
Email the above items to refunds@postaljobsexam.com

Download Refund Form, please note that this download requires Adobe Reader (.pdf) in order to be opened and printed. If you do not have ADOBE software installed please go to Free Adobe Reader.